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Chapter II Final Patch!!!

Hello Adventurers!

Our final patch has been completed and designed to solve all problems in the game.

We would like to share the changes with you:

The problems in the auction were solved.

Differences between characters strengths are arranged.

The attack values ​​of the monsters are arranged.

Character abilities are arranged in accordance with Chapter II.

Item specifications are arranged in accordance with Chapter II.

The problems experienced during the craft learning were eliminated.

Talent tree skill images are arranged.

All items are arranged in accordance with Chapter II, so our players should;

Collect special abilities such as stat, rune, piercing and etc. on Silver Envoy Set and Azure Wings to their bags. 

Also it is necessary to remove the pure binder stones in the Stone Package in the bag.

Final Patch 2 June (Tomorrow) will be activated by 16:00. Our players must fulfill the necessary instructions within 24 hours in order not to be victims.

The Runes of Mystery Team.

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