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Limo Desert Arrives

The Kingdom of Limon was established by the descendents of Kawak Angerfang — a hero from the time of the Great Banishment — to remember Kawak’s selfless sacrifice and to symbolize the Limus be treated as equals. The human King Kalume bestowed them a new race name: canines. Like the Angren, to remember their original ancient name, limu named their land the Kingdom of Limon.

Houses in the Kingdom of Limon are mostly built on the wall of rocks. Limus took advantage of the natural rock mountain and terrain to build their houses and used the precipitous cliffs as a natural barrier. For the vigorous canine people, these nearly vertical walls are no obstacle; however, for outsiders who wish to trespass, they are almost impassable.

Canines have no problem living with other races, so you can see them everywhere in Zandorya. However, except for foreign diplomats or some special reason, outsiders are not allowed to enter their cities. There are no developed social houses in the Kingdom of Limon. There are some rest areas outside the cities for the traveling merchants. Limon are born with the unusual ability to detect deceit, so it is also impossible to enter the kingdom under false pretenses. Foreigners who attempt to enter their cities falsely will be punished.

The Limon people are quite belligerent, and they possess excellent battle skills. The Leonines are the only people in Zandorya who can compete. Having the passion for fighting, canines like honing their battle skills and body strength. Limon are also known as Tomb Keepers, as they are vigilant in their protection of the tomb of Kawak Angerfang’s; who freed his people from oppression.

In the past, the Limon people overindulged and followed their desire, and most of them chose to be robbers or notorious mercenaries. (These similar characteristics can be found in Limon’s distant relatives, the gnolls.) These bad behaviors have been forbidden since Kawak enlisted in the King’s army. However, the Rotteneye clan have returned to the old thieving ways. The inhabitants in Limo Desert are particularly curious to know why the Rotteneye clan decided to discard the rules made by their ancestors.


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