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Runes of Mystery Updated Game Rules

Greetings, dear players! We are aware of the unpleasant problems experienced in the game for a while. And we would like to make a small explanation about this subject upon the intense demands of some of our players.

With the decisions taken as general management:

1) Cheating, bot style applications in the game are strictly prohibited. There is no need to explain this already, but we emphasize it underlined.

2) It is forbidden to use macros (including mouse macros), scripts and all other 3rd party software to affect other players in the game.

Fraud, swearing and suspicious behavior reports:

1) Our players can notify the players they suspect about the notifications mentioned in the game and all other issues with a proof screen, video and support system through our support system at supports.runesofmystery.com.

Talking about the past events: Mouse and supported software are not considered cheats in online games and all other games. No ban has ever been on our server. As of this date, all such applications have been permanently banned on our server. The reason for this is the disturbance notifications from our players in the game.

Players using such practices will receive warning penalties in the first place, and will still receive additional penalties for removal from the game if they continue with these behaviors.

We hope you will approach this situation in a moderate way, we have no doubt that you will show understanding. Good games to all our players!

Runes of Mystery Management

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