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Server Maintenance Notes

Hello Adventurers!

Our Open Beta period continues at full speed. You can be sure that we have carefully reviewed and evaluated all the feedback and requests coming from you.

We want to offer you a game experience starting with Chapter II and we encounter many shortcomings. You'll also appreciate that Chapter II is a nostalgic episode and has many problems in the original version of the game.

We would like to inform you of the improvements we have made since the beginning of our Open Beta process:

Chapter II skills are stabilized.

Drop rates are increased by 50% as a result of your requests.

The guard for the game is written.

Our Android app is available for you to be notified immediately of all announcements.

The development of our IOS application is ongoing.

Our development team continues to work according to your other demands. Please share with us all your in-game requests through our ticket system so that we can evaluate faster.

We aim to make our game start from Chapter II and make it a very long game. Therefore, we support mobile applications and continue to improve our ticket and forum systems. We expect all of our players to welcome us by considering that this process is an Open Beta process that we will develop together and that the corrections are brought to life in order of importance.

The Runes of Mystery Team.

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